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Texas Legislative Resources

Texas House of Representatives
The lower house of the Texas Legislature, consisting of 150 members elected from districts of roughly equal population, all of whom are elected every two years for two-year terms.
Texas Senate
The upper house of the Texas Legislature, made up of 31 members elected from districts of roughly equal population, one-half of whom are elected every two years for four-year terms.
Texas Legislative Council
A nonpartisan legislative agency that provides bill drafting, computing, research, publishing, and document distribution services to the Texas Legislature and the other legislative agencies.
Texas Legislature Online
An Internet site maintained by the Texas Legislative Council that includes a complete record of bill texts, committee reports, and fiscal notes. The bills are searchable by author, subject, committee, and text.
Legislative Reference Library
An independent agency of the Legislature that performs research for Texas legislators, their staff, and legislative committees. The library also assists the public and other state agencies with legislative research.
Legislative Budget Board
A permanent, joint committee of the Texas Legislature that develops budget and policy recommendations for legislative appropriations for all agencies of state government and completes fiscal analyses for proposed legislation.
Texas Sunset Advisory Commission
A permanent oversight committee of the Legislature charged with reviewing the policies and programs of state agencies, assessing the need for a state agency to exist, and recommending improvements in agency efficiency and effectiveness.
State Auditor's Office
The independent auditor for Texas state government, which operates with oversight from a permanent standing committee of the Texas Legislature.

Other Resources

The office of the chief executive of Texas.
A clearinghouse for information on Texas state agencies, including agency and staff contact information, maintained by the State Library and Archive Commission.
Judicial Courts
Texas Courts Online, a collection of information and statistics on the Judicial branch maintained by the Office of Court Administration.
Thomas - Legislative Information
A website operated by the Library of Congress that provides a wide array of options for searching federal legislative information.