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About the HRO

The House Research Organization (HRO) is a nonpartisan independent department of the Texas House of Representatives. It provides impartial information on legislation and issues before the Texas Legislature. The HRO is governed by a broadly representative steering committee of 15 House members elected by the House membership to set policy for the organization, approve its budget, and ensure that its reports are objective.

During legislative sessions, the HRO publishes the Daily Floor Report, which includes analyses of all legislation, except local and consent bills, scheduled for floor debate on the daily House calendar. Each bill analysis consists of a digest of the bill's provisions, background, arguments for and against the bill, and additional pertinent information.

Year-round, the House Research Organization produces research reports on a wide range of issues affecting state government. These reports include:

  • Policy Reports, including Interim News articles and more in-depth Focus reports, provide an analysis of issues of current interest in the state of Texas;
  • State Finance Reports take an in-depth look at the state budget process;
  • Legislative Session Reports include a summary of significant legislation considered during each regular session, a report on the governor’s vetoes, a preview of major topics likely to arise during an upcoming session, and reports on legislative procedures for committees and how a bill becomes law;
  • Constitutional Amendments reports summarize major ballot propositions submitted for voter approval and arguments for and against each proposition;
  • Legislative Staff Lists provide a comprehensive list of the staff of members and committees of the Texas House and Senate for each regular legislative session.

HRO publications are not an official part of the legislative process nor an official expression of the views of the Texas House of Representatives. The information included in the supporting or opposing arguments does not reflect the opinions of HRO or its researchers, but represents information gathered from a broad range of sources.

HRO Steering Committee

Alma Allen, ChairmanGary VanDeaver, Vice Chairman
Dustin BurrowsAngie Chen Button
Joe DeshotelJohn Frullo
Mary GonzálezDonna Howard
Ken KingJ. M. Lozano
Eddie Lucio IIIIna Minjarez
Jim MurphyAndrew Murr
Toni Rose

HRO Staff


Laura Hendrickson


Mike Marchio

Senior Analysts

Kellie Dworaczyk
Janet Elliott


Luke Landtroop

Administrative Clerk

Ellie Korth