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Major Issues of the 88th Legislature

During its 2023 regular and four called special sessions, the 88th Texas Legislature passed 1,252 bills and adopted 14 joint resolutions after considering 8,616 measures filed. This report highlights some of the major issues considered during the session. It summarizes some proposals that were approved and others that were not, including certain bills vetoed by the governor. The report also includes arguments offered for and against each measure as it was debated during the session.

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Constitutional amendments proposed for the November 2023 ballot

This report contains an explanation of the process by which constitutional amendments are adopted and information on the proposed 2023 amendments, including a background, analysis, and arguments made by supporters and critics on each proposal.

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CSHB 1: The House Appropriations Committee's Proposed Budget for Fiscal 2024-2025

This report presents an overview of the proposed state budget and of articles 1 through 8 of CSHB 1 by Bonnen. It highlights a few of the significant budget items, including different proposals for funding individual agencies and programs.

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Writing the state budget: 88th Legislature

Writing a budget is one of the Texas Legislature's main tasks. The state's budget is written and implemented in a two-year cycle that includes development of the budget, passage of the general appropriations act, actions by the comptroller and governor, and interim monitoring. During the 2023 regular session, the 88th Legislature considered a budget for fiscal 2024-25, the two-year period from September 1, 2023, through August 31, 2025.

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How a bill becomes law: 88th Legislature

This report summarizes the key constitutional provisions and rules governing this process, with emphasis on the Texas House Rules.

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Topics for the 88th Legislature

The Texas Legislature may consider a variety of topics during its regular session that began on January 10, 2023, including property tax relief, border security initiatives, school choice, rural health care, and how to allocate an expected budget surplus. This report highlights many, although by no means all, of the issues the 88th Legislature could consider during the session.

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Major Issues of the 87th Legislature

During its 2021 regular and three called special sessions, the 87th Texas Legislature enacted 1,097 bills and adopted 10 joint resolutions after considering 7,982 measures filed. This report includes some of the highlights of the session. It summarizes many proposals that were approved and some that were not, and it includes arguments offered for and against each measure as it was debated.

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Proposed constitutional amendments for the May 2022 ballot

Texas voters have approved more than 500 amendments to the Texas Constitution since its adoption in 1876, according to the Legislative Reference Library. Two more proposed amendments will be submitted to voters at the election held May 7, 2022.

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Vetoes of Legislation: 87th Legislature

Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed 20 bills approved by the 87th Legislature during the 2021 regular legislative session. The vetoed bills included 12 House bills and eight Senate bills. This report includes a digest of each vetoed measure, the governor's stated reason for the veto, and a response to the veto by the author or the sponsor of the bill.

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Texas charter schools turn 25

In the 1990s, Texas was part of the first wave of states to create a system of publicly funded, privately operated charter schools as an alternative to traditional school districts. Over the past 10 years, charter school enrollment in Texas has increased an average of 12 percent annually. This report examines the 25-year history of charter schools and policy proposals related to their growth and operations.